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Detroit Review

Photo by Media Junkie

Setlist same as Chicago the night before

Media Junkie blog has posted a very positive review of the Detroit show. It was the writer’s first doves show:

Of course, the highlight of the evening was the main event. Coming out to a video of airplanes flying overhead, Doves kicked off their set in the same way their newest album begins with “Jetstream”. Guitarist Jez Williams, twin brother of drummer Andy, and bassist/co-lead singer Jimi Goodwin both sounded fantastic, and the sound at the Majestic carried out over the audience and into the high ceiling clearly.

Unfortunately, being as unfamiliar with their earlier work as I was, I was unable to keep any semblance of an accurate setlist. I can only list several of the songs they played, including “The Outsiders”, “The Greatest Denier” (my personal favorite track from Kingdom of Rust), and several others from the new record.

To read the full review and see the rest of the pictures, click here.

Minneapolis Review

Check out the ickmusic site review of doves Minneapolis show:

They opened with “Jetstream”, the first track from their new album Kingdom of Rust. They wrote it to be an alternate soundtrack to the opening moments of the 1981 film, Blade Runner. How cool! After that was “Snowden,” with the twins, Andy Williams (drums) and Jez Williams (guitar) sounding magnificent. And then came “Winter Hill”. On first listen to this track, it might seem to the small minded that the lads from Wimslow are straying into “Every Breath You Take” territory. But no…no no. “Winter Hill” is about sacred love – the kind that you get from being on a journey filled with heart…the kind that stays with you forever.

Click here, to read the full review. Great read, with some great pictures.

Chicago: Thank You Doves Band!

Doves played to a sold out crowd at the Vic Theatre in Chicago this past Friday. I wasn’t sure how the Chicago crowd would be. I shouldn’t have worried. The crowd were simply amazing. Apparently it was the best show on the US tour so far. I’ve seen the band too many times to admit on here, but the show definitely is up there with the best.

Those that were there, know the band wished this writer a Happy Birthday, and they also gave a big shout out to the blog as well. Check out the video, thank you Diegovid for capturing this!

So thank you doves band for the most amazing Birthday ever.


Doves next stop on the North American tour, takes them to Minneapolis. Third time lucky, as the previous two scheduled shows in the twin cities, back in 2002 & 2005 were canceled. The 2005 show was canceled, as doves were offered to play on Letterman on the same date.

The blog is maybe a bit bias towards this show, as this will be my first show of the year. First doves show in four years! Where has the time gone?! I will also be taking in the shows in Chicago & Detroit. I will be posting twitter updates tomorrow, as I take the 16 hour round trip to Minneapolis on the mighty Megabus. Wish me luck!! All things being well I should be back in Chicago early Friday morning, with some kind of review!

Here’s hoping for a bit of Compulsion.

Manchester-reared rockers Doves holed up in the English countryside and took four years to finish their fourth album, “Kingdom of Rust,” but the songs mostly remain the same. The trio stuck with the melancholy but richly melodic Brit-rock sound that has earned them No. 1 albums on the U.K. charts and more critical respect stateside than Coldplay. Opener Wild Light, an anthemic group from the wilds of New Hampshire, has also toured with the Arcade Fire and the Killers. (8 p.m. Thu., Varsity Theater. 18 & older. $20.)

Denver Setlist & Review

Picture by flickr user julioenriquez

By all accounts, doves went over very well in Denver on Tuesday night. Check out this short but glowing review, at (great song btw!).

Set list

Winter Hill
Almost Forgot Myself
Kingdom Of Rust
Black & White
The Outsiders
Caught By The River

Here It Comes
Last Broadcast

The Fear

Sasquatch Videos

Check out these awesome videos from Sasquatch. Recorded from the side of the stage, offering a unique view of the band playing. Shame the crowd seem a bit dead!

Winter Hill


Sasquatch Setlist

Photo of setlist & review courtesy of

Doves 2005 record, “Some Cities,” was one of my favorite albums that year and I had heard nothing but good things about the live sets by this Brit-pop band so I was excited and curious to hear what they were going to offer up on the main stage. I wasn’t disappointed as Doves definitely is a band that has to be seen live. Their sound becomes more full, loud and really downright impressively impactful in a live setting.

However, while they did sound great The Gorge setting didn’t seem like the right way to get the full effect of Doves’ live show. They would be better off playing KeyArena (a la Muse) than an outdoor set in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, Doves don’t make it stateside often and they played the Crocodile a few days before Sasquacth! so it looks it’ll probably be a while before they come back to town.

Sasquatch Reviews

Picture courtesy of Alan Wiley at

Here are some of the reviews coming out from doves short performance at today’s Sasquatch.

Doves played a majestic set on the main stage that wrapped up just a few minutes ago. Their songs are pleasant, yet rocking. The crowd seems seems to be enjoying the tunes and the energy feels like everyone is warming up to the idea of 3 days of blistering heat–by the way, it’s really hot here–especially for those of us more accustomed to rain and clouds than full sun. Sunscreen and skin are everywhere you look and there is much vitamin D being created. Gonna go run and catch Dent May!

I love Doves, and I’m really glad they came out of their hiding place and put out a new album this year (I blame them for all the British accents I keep hearing everywhere), but they’re another one of those pop bands that you’ll only enjoy live if you’re already in love with their music. Someone who just walked up to the band’s set probably wouldn’t have found anything remarkable about these self-designated “fucking Limeys,” but they are remarkable. You just need to get to know them. I promise.

Doves Set Tone For Big Names To Follow

By Jeremy Dutton

I’ve been into the Doves since their masterpiece: 2002’s “Last Broadcast.” They just finished a great set that included “Kingdom of Rust” and fan favorite “There Goes the Fear Again. They set the bar pretty high for the rest of the night. Although I’m sure someone can do little better in the rapport department. In addition to calling concert attendees “limey f***s.” they also begged the question of “What the f*** is a corndog?” and “What’s with the stick?” Silly Brits.

Doves in Washington State

Thanks to cut_here for bringing this one to our attention, from the Seattle music & nightlife publication Line Out. A cracking read…

For a more positive spin on the show. Check out the three imaginary girls review:

Musically, Doves were pristine. Highlights were the mesmerizing “Sea Song,” accompanied by a surfing video lulling slowly on the back-stage screen to hypnotic effect. “Black and White Town” strikingly recalled Martha & the Vandellas’ R&B classic “Heat Wave,” further illustrating that these Manchester lads never shy too far from their influences (Think the heavy gospel feel of “Satellites” and the Warren Zevon-laden “Hit the Ground Running.”) At the conclusion of “There Goes the Fear,” each band member grabbed a percussion instrument for a raucous ending, sending us off into the night.

To read the full review, click here.
Doves are back in Washington state today to play the Sasquatch festival. Doves are scheduled to play the Gorge Amphitheatre from 2:20pm til 3:05pm. If your attending the festival, do let us know of the setlist or if you would like to sumbit a review, email us.

Portland Setlist

As posted by Schnappy at doves board:

Winter Hill
Almost Forgot Myself
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom of Rust
Black & White Town
The Outsiders
Caught By The River
Here It Comes
The Last Broadcast
There Goes The Fear

The Last Broadcast was dedicated to Jimi’s mum, who died five years ago to the day.