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Best Of Tour Thoughts

The Live Archive has been fully updated to include setlists for all the shows (except folkestone) from the Best Of tour. Pictures, video, links to media reviews included where possible.

From a personal point of view, it was just great seeing Doves live in the UK again. There was allot of talk of the tour being a final fling, if that was the case it sure didn’t feel like it. They surprised even me to be honest! Doves have never been a band where you expect many setlist changes on a tour.. but they sure did go all out this time.

There was no opening night nerves in Hull, you would never have guessed this was the opening night. They had an air of confidence about them that was quite refreshing. Opening the set with Firesuite then Push Me On was brilliant. A few media reviews seems to have questioned the inclusion of Push Me On from the off, but what a nice surprise for the fans. They carried on with the set changes in Leicester despite a flat crowd. M62 Song never a personal favourite of mine, sounded great live.

Glasgow as always proved once again why its the best city to play anywhere. Having seen shows in all the major UK/US cities.. none of them touch Glasgow. Great show, great crowd. Up there with the best doves shows I’ve seen, was a pleasure to be there.

They carried on the setlist changes through til the last night in Bradford. The Man Who Told Everything getting a dusting down in Blackburn, for the first time since 2003. The final show I caught was at the lovely Troxy in London where the prawn sandwich brigade were out in force. The Save 6 Music sign during the encore was a nice touch. Also a big shout out to Cherry Ghost who were brilliant at the shows I saw, only gripe was their sets were too short! Looking forward to the album.

Whatever happens next in Doves world, whether it be side projects, collaborations, tea parties.. expect to read about it on here! Cheers for reading.

Hull Promo

A promo piece that appeared in the Hull press today, thanks to richtdev for the heads up..

As Doves prepare to kickstart their “best of” Family tour at Hull City Hall, drummer Andy Williams sometimes finds it hard to believe the group are still going strong.

The twice Mercury Music Prize-nominated threesome rose out of the ashes of Manchester dance-heavy outfit Sub Sub, who scored a number three hit with their song Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use).

They decided to radically alter their sound after their studio burnt to the ground in 1996, emerging phoenix-like from the ashes as alt-rockers Doves.

Now, armed with a selection of their greatest hits and some of their older tunes, many of which have seldom –if ever –been played live, the group is heading out across the UK in celebration of its acclaimed four-album career.

Not sure where they got their info from, but it would be great to hear unplayed tracks like Your Shadow Lay Across My Life or Push Me On alongside the obvious Best Of picks.

Have your say in what you want to hear live on the tour at Doves official forum here.

Doves Wipe the Slate Clean With Best-Of

Spinner conducted a short interview with Jimi, some interesting info..

Why release a best-of now?

I have to admit it wasn’t our idea to do it, but then we got over our reticence. We’ve cleaned out the vaults now, so whatever we do next, the slate’s clean. We’ve put three brand-new tracks on it, which sweetened the pill for me, and we wondered when was the right time to get nostalgic, because none of us are really and we haven’t listened to a lot of those tracks since we recorded them.

So how involved were you in compiling it?

Very involved — we’d never let anyone else do it. It took longer than we expected, but mind you everything always does in Doves. Hopefully, it stands up to things like ‘Songs to Learn and Sing’ by Echo And The Bunnymen, because I look at those as albums in their own right; you forget that they’re compilations.

Where did the title come from?

It’s inspired by a book by Rory Stewart, ‘The Places In Between,’ it just seems to fit because it bookends this part of our life. It’s closing the last 12 years. We’ve all read his story now, it’s an inspiring journey this guy did after the invasion of Afghanistan. He travelled on his own from village to village. The guy’s got balls.

How has working on this changed your perception of what you have achieved so far?

We were unanimous on the songs that haven’t aged so well that didn’t go on it, but on the whole, it’s a good run of music from three kids. ‘Sulphur Man’ was a moment for me — I was back there recording it, writing the lyrics in my front room with ’em both, bouncing ideas.

I think someone could cover that really well and I never earmark my songs for other people, but I think someone female could take it somewhere else. Someone huge, Lady Gaga because she’d make a mint. I need the dough [laughs].

And I look back fondly at the ‘Some Cities’ period, going to this old schoolhouse in Scotland with Ben Nevis out the window. I spent six weeks up there and didn’t want to come home; my mum had just died and I just wanted to be away.

Before this, you took four years to put out ‘Kingdom of Rust,’ which you have admitted was a frustrating time for the band. Did you come close to breaking up?

It was never said, but I’m sure it crossed everyone’s minds. There were weeks when we didn’t want to be there. I had a lot of family things going on, so did Jez, so did Andy, but we just couldn’t give up. We’ve never had out-and-out throwing things at each other. It’s just not the way we operate. Maybe it would be nice if we did sometimes, maybe we just brood with each other.

You have some live dates coming up this spring and into the summer, but what then? Can we look forward to another Doves album?

We’re looking forward to going out and having some fun with existing material. It’s not about buying time, but it’s good not to go on this treadmill of album, tour, album, tour. These days there’s no rules and we’ve not decided … there’s been talk of people doing, not solo, but collaborations and songwriting with or for other people, then hopefully bring it back to the table at a later date.

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Doves set for top 10

Music week reports that the best of is on course to slot in the top 10, though overtaking Lady Gaga (again) seems unlikely.

Doves’ greatest hits set The Places Between, as well as new albums from Rufus Wainwright and Jonsi are all set to debut within the top 20 this Sunday, as Boyzone and Lady GaGa continue their tussle at the top.

The Places Between (Heavenly) sold more than 3,000 copies yesterday despite the bank holiday to sit at five in midweek sales flashes, the highest of a number of new entries.

Jez gave an interview to 6 Music where he gave his views on the music scene today..

Guitarist Jez Williams told 6 Music that money from record labels for touring and recording has dried up –which he put down to the effects of file-sharing.

“It’s really difficult for bands to go out on the road and tour,” he said. “It costs a lot of money to take a band on the road to do 10 UK dates.”

Referring to the pot of cash traditionally provided by labels for their artists to go on the road, he said: “It’s really tricky for new bands to get tour support because there’s no such thing as tour support any more.

“So people haven’t got that back-up any more. And that’s a direct link to people downloading albums without paying for it. It’s suffered because of that.”

The Manchester trio have just released their greatest hits album, called The Places Between, which is heading for the top 10 this weekend.

The process of choosing the tracks caused some friction within the band, he revealed.

“Everyone’s got their own favourites so it was a bit of a long painful process of trying to pick [songs] and compromise where we all were happy,” he said.

Going back to third album Some Cities gave him a particularly pleasant surprise.

“That sounds a lot better than I remembered it,” he explained. “There are some great songs on there and I was really proud of most of that CD.

To read the full interview, click here.

The Places Between: The Best Of Doves Out Today

The Places Between: The Best Of Doves is out today in Europe (April 20th in North America) its available to download right now.

For the best price today for the standard edition, then you want to head over to amazon UK who are offering the 15 track album for £4.99. Amazon also have the deluxe version download for £8.69

If you prefer iTunes, they have the deluxe version with all the videos included for £11.99, the itunes version features the bonus track Brazil. If you prefer to just buy Brazil, you can do that too for 99p as surprisingly its not a “album only” download.

7digital usually tend to offer the best quality download at 320 kbps, though as I write this they don’t have the album up just yet.

If like myself you want the physical product, then do take up offer of £2 off the deluxe version of the album at

Finally, Andalucia the single is also available to purchase today as a download only. The single features an acoustic version of Jetstream. Available at all good download stores.

Best Of Review Round-Up #1

The first round-up of the press reviews for the Best Of album.

Thanks to Paul Bingley For the Q review scan:

Click to view full size

there is a little sweetner in the form of Andalucia, the token new track that all Best Ofs seem to be legally obliged to carry. The track itself is fine; maybe not classic Doves, but it fits the retrospective mood by ticking all the boxes. Those wanting to shell out more will be pleased to receive a second disc of rarities and a DVD to boot.

The Places Between is that rare beast of a welcome retrospective. These are great tracks that have already done a good job of standing the test of time in a sometimes fickle genre. In a decade’s time they will still have their potency – something which guarantees continued play for this collection.

To read the full review, click here.

A greatest hits album is often cause for complaint, but the Doves have such a hit-packed back catalogue listening to this should be a pleasure. Hits including There Goes The Fear and Black and White Town to Words and Kingdom ofRust are mixed with hidden gems which never quite reaped the commercial success they deserved. MM

BBC Review: The Places Between

A glowing review of The Best of album at BBC Music:

It speaks volumes about Doves’ far-reaching ambitions –or perhaps their lack of provincial attitude –that they’ve made such a mighty noise for over a decade without ever being tagged a ‘Manchester band’.

When they shed their rave pop guise of Sub Sub and emerged in 1998 with glacial ghost story The Cedar Room –an amorphous spectre of a tune as haunting as the ghouls that inhabited its lyrics –their atmospheric bass throbs and sunbeam-surfing guitars spoke more of Viennese spires shrouded in gothic mist than cocaine benders down The City. Instead of being tethered to geographical roots, Doves took wing, inspiring hordes of potato-faced blokes, from I Am Kloot to Elbow, to make music as beautiful as they weren’t. In their time, Jimi Goodwin and Andy and Jez Williams have come to epitomise what can only be described as Mercury Prize rock.

As expansive and ambitious as their sound, this best-of set draws together their most memorable hits, stand-out album tracks, B-sides and alternative versions across a standard and deluxe, expanded edition. That it still doesn’t find space for Satellites is testament to the quality of the monumental music on display.

To read the full review, click here

Reading that makes me want to play the tracks right now.

XFM Manchester Interview

Andy Spoke to XFM Manchester’s Pete Mitchell on Sunday there. I managed to grab a wee minute of the interview (cheers to Slow Hands at Doves board for the heads up) which you can listen to here. The bit missing is basically just Andy talking about how somebody suggested they should revisit Blue Water for the Best Of. What you will hear is Andy talk about the origins of Andalucia and the band’s plans for the rest of the year.

You may have noticed with the previous blog post, we have a new author on the blog. A big thank you to Madeleine aka BlackEyedAngel at doves board for offering to help out during this busy time. Madeleine has the great advantage of being based in North West England, so will have access to articles like the one she posted about below that I do not over here! The fresh input is never a bad thing also, the blog will only benefit as a result.

To those who have asked about status of Not sure to be honest though I do know the site will have a fresh new look which should be going live any day now, so that may be why the site is down.

Andalucia Single Details

For more Doves photos by Wendy Lynch Redfern Click On image above

Doves PR doing the rounds in North America to reflect the new album release date/single details at this side of the pond with a word on the digital release.

Single Release Date: April 6, 2010

The Places Between: The Best of Doves

NEW Release Date: April 20, 2010

To celebrate twelve years since Doves formed and to chronicle a career to inspire envy- with two Mercury nominated albums and worldwide sales of over 2 million- the band will release their definitive collection, The Places Between: The Best of Doves on April 20, 2010. To coincide with this release a new single, “Andalucía” will be released on April 6, 2010.

“Andalucía” was recorded in the barn in Cheshire, England where last year’s critically heralded Kingdom of Rust was recorded. Much of Doves body of work is an ode to the north of England but this song appears to tell of warmer pastures. The song surges towards its rousing final chorus with orchestration colliding with a tender vocal from Jimi Goodwin. “Andalucía” stands alongside Doves finest work and will no doubt seamlessly sit amongst classics such as “Black And White Town”, “Kingdom Of Rust” and “There Goes The Fear”.

The Places Between: The Best of Doves

will be released on April 20 as a deluxe 3 disc package comprising 2 CDs featuring 34 tracks plus a DVD with all of the Doves’ videos. There will be 3 digital versions available: a single component 15-track version, a 2-component 34 track version (there will be an iTunes deluxe version featuring 35 tracks), and a digital video album.

On April 6 the Doves’ new track, “Andalucía” will be available as a digital download single which includes an unavailable elsewhere acoustic version of “Jetstream”.

Andalucia will be released April 5th in the UK, same day as the release of The Places Between. The single will be released by Heavenly with the catalogue number HVN201. Check out the Lovely artwork, shame it’s not seeing a physical release but that’s how music is these days.

Hear Best Of Snippets

If you fancy hearing snippets from the Best Of.. Obviously you may have most of the tracks. But you can hear new tracks such as Blue Water & Drifter. Drifter sounds interesting, Blue Water sounds like it remains true to the version allot of us liked 9-10 years ago.

Visit the digital download store.

The amazon UK digital download page states a new release date of April 20th, which would appear to be the new release date in North America. I will find out if the UK date has been moved also.