New Interview With Triple J Radio

Jimi recently spoke with Australia’s Triple J Radio, via a phone interview with DJ Zan Rowe.

Triple J

Jimi from Doves tells you about their Kingdom of Rust…

Manchester band Doves are, this week, releasing their fourth album. The trio have long traded in epic, drama filled music. You hear Jimi Goodwin’s voice and you know you’re listening to a Doves album.

It took four years for Doves to give us a new record, and interestingly they’ve changed it up on their latest Kingdom of Rust. There’s krautrock, disco and electro elements this time around, but they’ve still kept their trademark sweeping guitar sound.

Last week I got onto the phone with lead singer Jimi from the band to talk about the new album, and asked him why they took so long to create Kingdom Of Rust.

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