Buddy Guy & Jimi – Coming At You

Not a great deal going on in doves world. Though whilst in Borders yesterday, I took a quick peek at the current issue of Q magazine. I would have bought it and scanned the article for the blog, but the .95 price tag put me off.

Q rated Kingdom Of Rust, the 11th best album of the year. They did a short Q&A with Jimi, the question of note – Q asked if doves would go away for a few years. Jimi replied that he didn’t know right now, but he is interested in doing something with Guy Garvey. I assume not just bird watching! If anyone wants to donate a scan of the article for the blog, drop me line, that would be great. Otherwise, just take my word for it. :)

NME Lists

Hailed as one of the first great debut albums of the millennium – NME

The NME has rated Lost Souls as the 8th best record of 2000. Personally I’d put it a bit higher, but I suppose I’m biased!

Q has released its best albums of the year list. Kingdom Of Rust is number 11.

Info thanks to Kalman over at doves board.

Doves In Q & Mojo Magazines

The current issues of U.K. music magazines, Q and Mojo, both contain Doves features this month.

Q magazine has five pages devoted to the band and Mojo has a two-page “On The Road With Doves” article.

Q and Mojo, June 2009

For further info on this month’s Q, click here, and for further info on this month’s Mojo, click here.

Thanks to nipa at the official Doves Messageboard, for bringing this to our attention.

Jimi Chooses Q The Music’s Friday "Track Of The Day"

For the last installment of doves guest editors appearance at Q music online. Jimi has chosen ‘Omega Time’ by Malakai, to be Q The Music’s Friday “Track Of The Day”, as part of Doves’ role as guest editors of the website this week.

Jimi Goodwin (Doves): “From their album ‘The Ugly Side of Love’. Bristol madness! Think Jeff Barrett (Doves’ label boss at Heavenly Records) turned us on to this. Reminds me of things like Madvillain/Madlib/Edan psychedelic hip hop. Really thrilled that they’re going to be supporting us on our April/May tour.”

Here’s a quick recap of the week’s picks.

Monday: Jacob and the Angel by the Invisible (Jimi)
Tuesday: Tonight’s Today by Jack Penate (Jez)
Wednesday: Sea Within A Sea by the Horrors (Andy)
Thursday: Extinction by the Soft Pack (Jimi)

Andy & Jez also talked to Q about all the albums. Here are the links:

Lost Souls (Andy)
The Last Broadcast (Jez)
Some Cities (Andy)
Kingdom Of Rust (Jez)

If you still have not got enough doves at Q. Then check out doves greatest hits page here.

Jez Writes About The Last Broadcast At Q The Music.com

Continuing Doves’ guest editorship of Q The Music.com, Jez has reminisced about the making of The Last Broadcast album.

Q The Music.com

Caught By The River happened so quickly it was ridiculous. We decided to go to a rehearsal room in Stockport called The Green Room. Jimi, Andy and I just started to play these three chords. Jimi started to sing this great top line melody and there it was… very natural and easy. Andy started to write these very poignant lyrics about a friend of ours; everything started to click like at the start of the recording. That was the last piece of the jigsaw for the album.

To read the full essay, visit the site, here.

Jez Chooses Q The Music’s Tuesday "Track Of The Day"

Jez has chosen ‘Tonight’s Today’ by Jack Penate, to be Q The Music’s Tuesday “Track Of The Day”, as part of Doves’ role as guest editors of the website this week.

Q The Music.com

Jez Williams (Doves): “I really like the new Jack Penate single Tonight’s Today. I couldn’t believe it was him. I first heard it when I was driving back from rehearsals. It was so instant I fell in love with it, I must confess I wasn’t the biggest fan of his first album but, my God, this is a tune!”

To read more, visit the site, here.

Jimi Chooses Q The Music’s Monday "Track Of The Day"

Jimi has chosen ‘Jacob And The Angel’ by The Invisible, to be Q The Music’s Monday “Track Of The Day”, as part of Doves’ role as guest editors of the website this week.

Q The Music.com

Jimi Goodwin: “Lovely guys who have just supported us on our first short UK tour. Brilliant live. They were ending their set with this and it had me grooving every night.”

To read more, visit the site, here.

Q The Music.com

Q The Music.com (the online presence of Q Magazine) have announced that Doves will be guest editors next week:

Q The Music.com

To mark the release of Doves fourth album Kingdom Of Rust, Doves will be taking over Qthemusic.com as guest editors next week. The band – who received a four star review for their new work – “an album of life-affirming, genre-busting, career-defining majesty”, no less.

Throughout next week, the band will be choosing the ‘tracks of the day’, the band will be writing about their dream Q cover star, plus their memories of recording each of their albums. Plus we will also feature some of the band’s finest videos.

Come back from April 6 to view which tracks they choose – and more …