Perth Photos

Photo by digitaljunglist

To see the full set of pictures from the Perth, Australia show. Visit the fasterlouder gallery here.

Thanks to Pakwoman for flagging this up on doves board!

Doves Live On Stage In Perth

Doves are currently on stage at the Capitol in Perth Australia. Here are a couple pictures from twitter.

From twitter user @stephenwalker78

From twitter user @mikeycunningham

More From Fuji Rock

Setlist from Fuji Rock

Winter Hill
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom of Rust
Black & White Town
The Outsiders
There Goes the Fear

Here are some pro shot photos from doves set at Fuji Rock. Once again, Thanks to Apo for bringing these to our attention.

To see more photos, visit the full set at

National Geographic Photo Journal

National Geographic has posted a doves photo journal on their music site. Doves submitted photos from the recent tour of North America. Check out the gallery here.

PS: The “Toronto Skyline” is in fact Chicago. Taken from the Sears tower.

Fan Photo Competition

The fan photo competition deadline has been extended until is back online. So you have a wee while to get your entry in! Have a go, you wont get a better chance to be able to photograph doves from the press pit and backstage. How cool would that be? All the details you need are below.

From The Front Row | Exclusive Fan Photo Competition

We’re not necessarily looking for photos of the band playing live (although those would be great too!) more of photos that sum up the essence of going to a Doves gig. If that’s a picture of you and your mates waiting with anticipation (and beer) for the gig to begin or of the crowd around you pogoing along to ‘Pounding’ then that’s absolutely spot-on. What we’re planning to do is put together a gallery of images that best sum up the touring experience of ‘Kingdom of Rust’ so far.

But that’s not all. Oh, no. For Jimi, Jez & Andy will then pick one single image which they like the best and that lucky photographer will win the chance to photograph the band from the press pit and backstage on one of the band’s forthcoming UK tour dates. How’s that for a competition prize? Pretty nifty, huh?!

To enter the competition all you need to do is send your photos (maximum of 5 photos per person) to the following email address ( is not looking for the most professional shots. As long as it fills the oh-so-simple criteria of summing up the spirit of a Doves gig then it’s good for us!

Another Delamere Forest Fan Review

Photo by gibbo1968

Here we have another review of the Delamere Forest show. This time from gibbo1968 , who previously submitted his photos & videos of the show to the blog, which you can view here. Gibbo wrote this review originally for

Me,mrs gibbo and mulls ventured into the forest at the weekend to see Doves again(this was my 3rd Doves gig of the year).

I know I keep bangin on about them but they are just a great band that are so underrated it’s scandalous.I have Kingdom of rust on constant play,it’s my album of the year and yes I am starting to lean towards Doves more than U2,which although alarming is justified,anyway about the gig.

We ambled down to the arena set in a clearing in the forest with a banked hillside full of picnickers,deckchairs and kids.Jimi quoted during the gig it was like a creche,certainly the widest ranging audience of any gig i’ve been to.

We positioned ourselves on the rail andy’s side and watched support band Delphic,never heard of them but they were actually quite good,on first glance they were like A.N.other skinny indie kid band but sounded like New order/Kraftwerk with an indie edge.Check out their myspace page

On to the main event and tour opener Jetstream kicks off as usual with(corny I know) a jet coming in to land on the video screen in the background.It’s a kraftwerk tinged belter that opened the album and sets the mood for the rest of the gig.There’s so many layers and styles to Doves songs from country rock Kingdom of rust to melancholy of The last broadcast,chilled out vibe of Almost forgot myself and Cedar room,motown/soul influenced Here it comes,all out dance rock of Black and white town and Pounding to the set closer and rave blast from the past pre Doves incarnation sub sub choon Space face.

So they cover all bases really so go and check ’em out PLEASE! if only for Cedar room alone which was my highlight of the evening.

Thanks Gibbo!

If you are planning on seeing doves at Glastonbury this Friday and you fancy writing a review, we would love to hear from you. Just email us your review here. We will post all reviews submitted to us. More on doves at Glastonbury coming later this week. Including some live footage from previous Glastonbury sets.

Delamere Forest Videos & Pictures

Photo by gibbo1968

doves board regular and friend of the blog, gibbo1968 took some great pictures from his front row position at the Delamere show. You can see the album set at flickr here. You can also check out the full videos gibbo took of Jetstream & Here lt Comes here.

Fan favourite The Cedar Room found its way back into the set towards the end of the North American tour. The performance at Delamere was the first performance in the UK since the Royal Festival Hall show Sept 08. Watch the stunning Delamere rendition below, thanks to moorlander55

Next stop on the road for doves, will be the MTV studios for a live session on the 22nd. Then its off to Glastonbury for doves seventh appearance at the festival.

More Photos From Toronto’s Kool Haus

Photographer, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, has uploaded a handful of amazing photos from Doves’ performance at Toronto’s Kool Haus venue, on June 1st 2009.

Jimi at Toronto's Kool Haus

Visit Ryan’s blog here, to view the full set.

Philadelphia Reviews

Better late than never! Here’s a few reviews from Doves’ recent performance at Philadelphia’s Trocadero.

Jes, at the Torcadero, Philly
Photo by Chris Zakorchemny for

Overall, I couldn’t hear Jimi Goodwin’s bass, but his distinctive vocals were consistently spot-on all night. Also, the band’s sequencing (controlled by the mysterious man crouching behind the drums?) was a little off, leaving some parts to come in at the incorrect time or not at all. (Or again, maybe I just couldn’t hear them?) Still, Doves soldiered through and seemed in good and gracious spirits.

Click here, to read the full review at

Music Under

Not until the third song into the show did Goodwin’s vocals warm up and the way he belted his voice throughout the venue was simply astounding. Every nuance while he was singing was similar, if not better, than any of his work done in a recording studio; seeing the Doves live was turning out to be quite an unexpected treat.

With songs such as “Pounding” and “Black and White Town“, the crowd was soon singing along, swept off their feet with each song that was played. Their title-track “Kingdom of Rust” was another favorite from the new album and the addition of keyboardist Martin Rebelski made his impact known. Rebelski certainly fit right in as well, practically hidden behind the mounds of keyboards and sound equipment in the far back right corner of the stage.

Click here, to read’s full review.

Phrequency Blog

Oddly enough, most of their upbeat rockers, aside from “Black and White Town,” never really reached any point of combustion. This may have been a problem to do with improper sound leveling, but “Pounding,” didn’t emphasize much change in drum dynamics. “The Outsiders,” almost completely hid the bassline in the first verse that takes as much of the lead melody as the guitar. This song sounded superb on their performance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, so one has to wonder what went wrong if it sounded good on a cheap tinny TV. In this respect, their studio production wins outright.

To make up for these blips that, for the most part, didn’t seem to be judgment errors on the side of the musicians, Doves outperformed any notion of high expectation on almost every other song. They played 17 songs, and I would say that 10 of them could have been the high points of the show.

To read the full review at Phrequency Blog (and view a great gallery of pictures), click here.

Fan-Photos From D.C. Show

CMG Street-Team member, Thomas (pictured below, with Jez), has posted a great gallery of fan-photos from Doves’ performance last night, at Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club.

Jes & Thomas

Click here to view his full gallery.