Hear Best Of Snippets

If you fancy hearing snippets from the Best Of.. Obviously you may have most of the tracks. But you can hear new tracks such as Blue Water & Drifter. Drifter sounds interesting, Blue Water sounds like it remains true to the version allot of us liked 9-10 years ago.

Visit the digital download store.

The amazon UK digital download page states a new release date of April 20th, which would appear to be the new release date in North America. I will find out if the UK date has been moved also.

New Interview With XFM London Radio

XFM London radio in the U.K. have today posted a new interview with Jimi and Andy, recorded yesterday.

XFM London

Xfm London’s very own Dave Berry meets Manchester’s kings of towering indie, Doves. Want to know about the struggle behind new album ‘Kingdom Of Rust?’. It’s all here…

To listen to the interview, visit:

Listen To The FULL Album On MySpace

You can now listen to the full Kingdom Of Rust album on Doves’ MySpace page at

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