This is Nottingham Interview

This is Nottingham interviewed Jez, ahead of the band’s gig at Rock City next tuesday.

The lyrics are quite impressionistic, aren’t they?

We’ve always liked songs that are ambiguous. In fact, we hate pinpointing what they’re about. Some are obvious, like 10:03 and Jetstream. But there are others where we wanna keep it ambiguous, so the listener can put their own version of the story on them.

Anyone’s point of view is just as valid as ours. We might be coming at it from a different angle than what the listener might interpret it as, but that’s cool. That’s what good songs do.

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Sentimentalist Jez Interview

New York City based magazine, Sentimentalist has interviewed Jez. An interesting read:

How is the album being received?

In the UK it’s incredible. We knew that with the fourth album we had to go down avenues we haven’t gone down before, kind of push it a bit. When recording you become so abstract you never know how it’s going to be perceived. It’s not even out yet, but it’s been incredible. Our album is very much anticipated, and the reception has been heartwarming.

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The Daily Star Claims Celebration Planned

U.K. tabloid newspaper, The Daily Star, claims that Doves are planning “a monumental piss-up of Biblical proportions” to celebrate the Kingdom Of Rust album entering the UK Album Charts at #2.

The feature should be taken with a huge pinch of salt – and you can view it in full, here.

Jimi Chooses Q The Music’s Friday "Track Of The Day"

For the last installment of doves guest editors appearance at Q music online. Jimi has chosen ‘Omega Time’ by Malakai, to be Q The Music’s Friday “Track Of The Day”, as part of Doves’ role as guest editors of the website this week.

Jimi Goodwin (Doves): “From their album ‘The Ugly Side of Love’. Bristol madness! Think Jeff Barrett (Doves’ label boss at Heavenly Records) turned us on to this. Reminds me of things like Madvillain/Madlib/Edan psychedelic hip hop. Really thrilled that they’re going to be supporting us on our April/May tour.”

Here’s a quick recap of the week’s picks.

Monday: Jacob and the Angel by the Invisible (Jimi)
Tuesday: Tonight’s Today by Jack Penate (Jez)
Wednesday: Sea Within A Sea by the Horrors (Andy)
Thursday: Extinction by the Soft Pack (Jimi)

Andy & Jez also talked to Q about all the albums. Here are the links:

Lost Souls (Andy)
The Last Broadcast (Jez)
Some Cities (Andy)
Kingdom Of Rust (Jez)

If you still have not got enough doves at Q. Then check out doves greatest hits page here.

New Interview At

The online presence of Clash Magazine,, has a revealing new interview with Andy & Jez Williams, discussing free downloads, maintaining their mystique and Rick Myers’ albums artwork.

Of course, new bands are under great pressures to succeed. Do you think things have changed in this area since your first album?

Both: Yeah.

J: I think it’s very tough for young, new bands nowadays. There are no development deals available. You can put a first album out and if it doesn’t do well you’re dropped, seemingly no questions asked. At the other side of the spectrum, there’s what happens if your debut does really well: this thing called the second album. It depends what kind of band you are, but I get the impression there are more bands today who will look to do their first album again – the public knows their sound, and they get it, so the band responds and makes more of the same. I’ve seen that happen enough times. But then again a band might not develop their sound ‘til the third album, and if the second one doesn’t work out they never get the chance to get that far. It’s just tough, y’know.

To read the full interview, visit this link.

Jez Writes About The Last Broadcast At Q The

Continuing Doves’ guest editorship of Q The, Jez has reminisced about the making of The Last Broadcast album.

Q The

Caught By The River happened so quickly it was ridiculous. We decided to go to a rehearsal room in Stockport called The Green Room. Jimi, Andy and I just started to play these three chords. Jimi started to sing this great top line melody and there it was… very natural and easy. Andy started to write these very poignant lyrics about a friend of ours; everything started to click like at the start of the recording. That was the last piece of the jigsaw for the album.

To read the full essay, visit the site, here.

Jez Chooses Q The Music’s Tuesday "Track Of The Day"

Jez has chosen ‘Tonight’s Today’ by Jack Penate, to be Q The Music’s Tuesday “Track Of The Day”, as part of Doves’ role as guest editors of the website this week.

Q The

Jez Williams (Doves): “I really like the new Jack Penate single Tonight’s Today. I couldn’t believe it was him. I first heard it when I was driving back from rehearsals. It was so instant I fell in love with it, I must confess I wasn’t the biggest fan of his first album but, my God, this is a tune!”

To read more, visit the site, here.


Doves Lost Souls Interview

Andy Williams Cedar EP Interview


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