Review Round-Up #4

A couple more reviews of the album, which you may have missed over the last few days…

Contact, Album Review:


Let’s be clear from the outset – this is a brilliant record. The best Doves record yet, binding the best elements of their past into a complete statement that insists upon something new and inspiring. ‘Kingdom of Rust’ mixes the bedsit misery that provided the palette for Doves debut with the spacy, anthemic feel of ‘The Last Broadcast’, and builds upon the maturity of ‘Some Cities’, finally signalling the culmination of Doves’ sound with crashing authority. Weaving in, out and through different genres and sonic templates with alarming expertise, Doves effortlessly absorb prog, folk, funk, rock, psychedelia and even hip hop into their armoury in way that cements the record as something special, and exposes other recent indie explorations, especially those involving a conspicuous-but-tenuous link to afrobeat and funk, as clear frauds.

To read the full review, click here. p.s… I think they like it!

Digital Spy, Album Review:

Digital Spy

Album closer ‘Lifeline’ is Doves’ finest achievement to date – heart-breaking, euphoric and humongous are just a few adjectives that spring to mind. “Somebody’s giving in, but I’m not,” howls Goodwin during the crescendo, managing to sound both forlorn and defiant in the same hearty growl.

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