Not a whole lot going on..

As you probably guessed, not a great deal going on in doves world. I have been enjoying the Delphic record. Great news for those of us at the wrong side of the pond, Delphic have been anounced to play Coachella so here’s hoping for a few more shows stateside.

Doves are mentioned in today’s Guardian write up on Delphic and other new Manchester based bands. Hope to catch Delphic (doves would be nice too….) at this year’s Lollapalooza festival here in Chicago.

Cherry Ghost have also put up some new tunes in unmixed form up on the myspace page. Black Fang sounded great live last year, could be a single I reckon?

I see Hooky is opening up a new club in Manchester. FAC251 opens up next month. I wonder what the chances of a doves gig there? Spaceface opener! Would make allot of sense with the history and all. But just pure speculation on my part!!