Joe Roberts & Melanie Williams

A few weeks back I was sent an email, asking if I knew what Melanie Williams (Ain’t No Love Love – Sub Sub) was up to these days. At the time I did not have the foggiest to be honest! Fast forward a couple weeks, today I was listening to Joe Roberts 1993 album Looking For The Here And Now (great album btw!) Curious as to what Joe was up to these days, I found out that he & Melanie Williams together are making music and have been for quite awhile. Their latest project is called Butterfly Jam.

It also seems as if Jimi is still jaming with the two of them! Jimi featured on Joe Roberts said 93 album playing guitar & backing vocals. The two go way back when they were a band called The Risk as teenagers, Jimi’s first band. Joe later provided backing vocals on the Sub Sub track Southern Trees.

Listen to Butterfly Jam tracks at their myspace page here. Well worth a visit, Joe’s voice still sounds as awesome as ever. If your down south, you can catch them live at the Putney Half Moon on November 5th.

Read an article on Butterfly Jam at here.

If you need reminding how good the Joe Roberts album is, check out the track Love Is Energy which features Melanie Williams vocals & Jimi on guitar here.