The BBC Electric Proms Website Needs You!

The BBC Electric Proms website is looking for some help from you all. Here’s what they have to say:

We’re trying to gather live memories from people who have seen Doves in
the past and might remember some of their early or landmark gigs.
I hoped you and the members of the Doves forum would be the right people
to ask.

We would like short one sentence memories that will eventually go on
display on Doves’ Electric Proms page and on the wall at the Roundhouse
on the night of their gig.

Think you can help? You can post your response in the comments, email me, or post them on the thread at doves board here.

Archive: Doves at Glastonbury 2009 (Edited Highlights)

The BBC have yet to broadcast Doves’ full set from this year’s Glastonbury festival, and it’s entirely possible that it may never be broadcast in full.

A programme of edited highlights (which has also been made available to UK viewers via the BBC’s website) was screened via interactive digital TV, early Saturday morning. It excludes a number of performances; some of which we will be able to upload over the next few days (namely ’10:03′, ‘The Outsiders’ and ‘Here It Comes’).

Doves at Glastonbury 2009

Click here to download the programme of edited highlights.

The video is an Xvid-encoded MPEG4 AVI file which should be standalone-compatible with most new DVD or AV players which are equipped to play DivX files.