Cathedrals Of The Mind

Doves have revealed the next single from the forthcoming new album The Universal Want via Rolling Stone. You can now listen to Cathedrals Of The Mind at

Jez said of the track: “The song stems from a single hook, which developed to evoke this expansive internal monologue, this never-ending chasm of thought. Subconsciously, through words thrown against it and made to fit, it came to be about someone always being on your mind. The listener can form their own ideas. For me, it was about the loss of Bowie.”

“It’s a prayer to sonics,” reveals Jimi Goodwin. “We still love production and sonic detail. The album more than meets our expectations and, for once, we were unanimous in the track listing. We’re ready to let the whole world in and then gently close the doors. We’ll leave the listener to work out what we meant by it all.”

The Universal Want is released on Friday September 11th via EMI in the UK & Imperial in the USA. Pre-order the album now at