The Universal Want

News of the brand new Doves album ‘The Universal Want’ hit the newswires today with mentions across the globe. Here’s a snapshot of some of the major outlets that have picked up the news of the album..

The Rolling Stone

In the UK, The NME interviewed Jimi exclusively about Prisoners and the album. Some great insight from Jimi, you can read the full interview here.

The album is released on September 11th on EMI Records in the UK and on Imperial in the USA. Album track listing is as follows along with the album artwork:

  1. Carousels
  2. I Will Not Hide
  3. Broken Eyes
  4. For Tomorrow
  5. Cathedrals of the Mind
  6. Prisoners
  7. Cycle of Hurt
  8. Mother Silver Lake
  9. Universal Want
  10. Forest House

Album pre-orders opens up on Friday July 10th.

Steve Lamacq gave first play to the new single Prisoners early today. He also interviewed Jez. If you missed it, you can listen back here. Starts about 2 hours 7 minutes in.

Finally, here’s a review for you Spanish speaking fans. Its always lovely to hear from folks from all over. Check it out! Doves have never been to Mexico, hopefully when the world is in a better place Doves can make it to this great country! Happy to include reviews in other languages, just drop me a note.