Birmingham Arena Show Review

Jimi kicked off his tour with Elbow last night. Feedback on twitter seems overwhelming positive! Here’s one media review early doors:

His set was all his own stuff and he didn’t disappoint. There were no crowd pleasing Doves songs but he went down well. People knew his set shouting out for the songs like Didsbury Girl- “have you been reading my diary?” Doves were always three equal parts; now this is his band. He was in the spotlight, and seemed a bit nervous but he needn’t have worried. One mention that he had written Panic Tree with Mr Garvey and he was on a winner.

For me the set seemed short but after all he was the support, and as he left he assured us we would have a magical time with Elbow.  So was it? Magical I mean.  –Ian Gelling

To read the entire review with pictures of Jimi’s set, click here.