Doves Forum lives on

Doves Forum lives on

Postby Nicky » Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:14 pm

It was suggested to me that I replace this forum with an updated version at facebook using the fb group option. Its not the worst idea, and the group can be linked to the band's official page.

The group has been set up and can be accessed here:

This forum will stay put, it literally costs nothing to keep anyways. But after 17 years in one form or another I think the forum has had its day. :doves:

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Re: Doves Forum lives on

Postby Jessica Daniels » Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:22 pm

Pretty sad. I am a member of other forums that have transitioned to the global behemoth that is Facebook, so it's happened/happening to others and not just here. It's ok sometimes but generally I find the layout of Facebook Groups and their topics not very well suited to forum design. In busy, active groups with 10s of thousands of members, topics very quickly get lost and also because they are all confined to one page, there is no way to group topics by subject, theme, or whatever. So I do not think Forums are suited to Facebook in its current design. Unfortunately I think it is a reflection of our times, as the majority of people seem to prefer Facebook and have become really lazy (especially young people) and so want everything, like their news, gossip, etc, all in one convenient place. And that's the operative word: Convenience. Facebook is not better, just more convenient.

I'll be really sad when this place finally dies (if it ever does), even though nobody really posts here anymore. I just like it for nostalgia's sake. I fondly remember all the forums...the brown board, the black and white board, etc. I had a lot of fun and great conversation (and experienced a lot of drama!) over the past 17 years, and what a ride it's been.
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Re: Doves Forum lives on

Postby Snoopi » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:54 am

Hi there, i am new here, but willing to exchange...used to be a SUB SUB fan, so here i am :)

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