five fuckin year hiatus?

Re: five fuckin year hiatus?

Postby Brown Eyes » Sun May 07, 2017 12:55 am

Jimi is live on the Radio 4 dawn chorus programme.
They are talking about birds and I want to tell him to get back with Doves.
Still, have hope, after twenty years Ride got back together, they have a new album and their live sound is fantastic.....hopefully we won't have to wait that long.
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Re: five fuckin year hiatus?

Postby DaftBob » Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:25 am

Never saw them live, mostly because certain Mancunian connections have meant that I've been spoiled at gigs over the years and got privileged, comfortable access. Unfortunately, that didn't include Doves.

Bought everything they ever recorded as a band though and still regularly give them a spin. Listening to Some Cities just last week got me thinking about this extended hiatus and why they haven't reformed.

So what's the score? The age old 'musical differences' or have the Williams brothers and Jimi had a major falling out in the past that hasn't yet healed?

Does anyone know for sure if it's not a case of if but when, or it's particularly unlikely unless relationships shift?

It makes me wonder what people in bands like this do to support themselves these days. I know that in days of yore record/CD sales and royalties would definitely help keep the wolf from the door. That's not the case for bands that aren't massively successful in the internet age though, live shows are where they could hope to make some decent money. Which just makes their prolonged absence seem all the stranger. As I'm sure even a short UK tour would sell out within minutes and prove to quite lucrative for them.

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Re: five fuckin year hiatus?

Postby Jessica Daniels » Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:42 pm

How have you never seen them live not even once if you are a fan? You don’t need “privileged, comfortable access” to see and enjoy them - or any band - for crying out loud. Not being funny or anything but the best experiences I and most of us on here have ever had, were right down at the front with the hardcore fans. Sorry to say that you’ve missed out.

Moving, they haven’t fallen out. All still friends that just needed a well-deserved break after 20 years of being in a band. Nobody knows if they will ever tour/record again, as they have all remained silent on the subject, although there has been a few unconfirmed rumours every now and then. The usual response from band members has consistently remained the standard “Maybe one day, who knows?”, so nothing is being given away. We all just have to keep hoping. In the meantime, some fans out there have actually set up a Petition and associated Twitter account to encourage them to reform. Both seem to be doing fairly well with over 1200 signatures/followers that interact with the page on a daily basis.
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