Lonely at the drop

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Postby Jessica Daniels » Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:38 pm

I just question why a single is being released January after all this time? I mean, Live Like A River was released way back in June wasn't it? Singles are typically released every 3 months or thereabouts. Why the long delay, other than fans most people will have forgotten about him by now.
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Re: Lonely at the drop

Postby Hinterland » Mon Nov 17, 2014 8:51 pm

Cazzie13 wrote:
Substance wrote:
nikkijaydee wrote:I've just seen this on FB. Just pips about four others to be my favourite on the album. And it's amazing live.

It's exciting to hear that he's recording new stuff. I'm also liking that he's got the band in the video. I'm really hoping they stick together for his new stuff.

Great news! I like jimi's odludek acne! Excellent work from the censors too!

I thought exactly the same about the censors, great video. My fave off the album too :)

It 's great this is being released & a lovely vid with the overlay of Odludek artwork/ 'acne'. Though out of context the slightly alarming puce colour does make me thankful for modern antibiotics.
Alternatively, it could be a link up with Claire’s Accessories for Odludek temporary tattoos? (Possibly alone here thinking how GREAT they’d be!) I’ve amended my letter to Santa on the off chance, anyways.

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